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It is reminded that (i) the transmission of data over the Internet benefits from only relative reliability, circulating over heterogeneous networks of differing characteristics and capacities, that are sometimes saturated at certain times of day and thus likely to affect loading times or accessibility to data, (ii) Internet is an open network and, as a result, the information that it conveys is not protected against risks of misappropriation, intrusion of your system, the hacking of data, software and files in your system, contamination by computer viruses, and (ii) it is the User’s responsibility to take all the appropriate measures in order to protect their system and its contents against contamination by viruses as well as any attempts at intrusion. As a result, ArianeGroup will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from the access, the use and/or the unavailability of the Site, and in particular for any loss of data/software, any contamination by virus, any financial prejudice or harm to business and/or any damage to reputation. In all events and within the limitations of the law, the responsibility of ArianeGroup cannot be engaged without proven fault, within a 12-month period following the occurrence of the operative event and is limited to the amount for services collected over the last 12 months by ArianeGroup. ArianeGroup reserves the right to carry out maintenance operations and updates during which the products and services will be unavailable. ArianeGroup reserves the right, in particular, to add or delete features, to change the appearance of the tool’s interface or to insert hyperlinks, promotional or other.

Applicable Law

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The General Terms & Conditions herein are a comprehensive expression of the Parties’ obligations. However, they may be completed and/or amended by any supplemental text agreed between the Parties and directly related to the General Terms & Conditions herein.

No general or specific condition communicated by the User will be included in the General Terms & Conditions herein.


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